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As the school year begins and we return to our regular fall schedule, I am excited to tell you about a new partnership we have entered
into with Iglesia Primera Corintios (First Corinthians) 13. Iglesia Primera Corintios 13 is a Hispanic congregation from Allentown. They are part of the Missionary Church denomination and are beginning to plant a church in Easton.  Beginning September 1, they will be renting our facilities.

The new church will be called Oasis Missionary Church. Their congregation will be meeting for worship in the sanctuary at 2:00 pm
Sunday afternoons and in Fellowship Hall for Bible Study and prayer Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm.

Some of our members got to meet some of their members on Sunday, August 12 when they came to worship and shared Holy
Communion with us. During the month of August they have been reaching out to the Hispanic population of our neighborhood.

In addition to renting our facilities for their new congregation, Oasis Church is also eager to work with us as we do ministry in our
community. They have already offered their help in any capacity that is needed. We look forward to sharing this calling.

In addition to this new partnership, I am excited to tell you that our Green Light Food Center will also begin its programming in September. You
can find more information about this ministry elsewhere in this newsletter. Just as it is every year for students, September will be for us, a
month of renewing old friendships, making new ones, and learning and growing in Christ together.

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Peace and grace,

Pastor Pat

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