Our Staff

Board of Elders

Pastor Pat Honszer Mary Buccos
Richard Coopersmith Wendy Mamana
Janet Morrow

Board Notes:

Board meetings will be held the first Monday of each month.

Board Of Trustees

Dawn Hughes (Chair) Bobbie James
Linda Keiper
Donald Bodden


Frank Chisesi

Financial Secretary:

Frank Chisesi


Walter Cigus Carrie Cigus
Esther Cigus Nancy Happel




First Moravian Church Choir
Church Musician Ed Walakovits

Choir members - Pastor Patricia Honszer,  Vincent Giarro, Calvin Wexler, Patricia Hughes-Lutz, Linda Keiper, Dawn Hughes, Janet Morrow, Wendy Mamana, Bobbi James and Tori Lennox.

Choir practice is Wednesday evening at 7:30PM